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MatchPointOhio celebrates the Ohio University women's volleyball team. Over the past decade, the Bobcats have been one of the most successful and competitive teams in the nation. Some of the accolades that the team has earned include: - Six MAC regular-season titles - Seven MAC Tournament titles - Eight consecutive trips to the NCAA Championship, tied for the MAC record. - 29-10 (.744) postseason record, including MAC and NCAA Tournaments - NCAA Regional Semifinalist in 2005, qualified for Second Round four times.

MatchPointOhio is run by two Bobcat fans, John Thorndike and Cricket Jones.


The MPO Blog

We Love You, Bobcats!

November 18th, 2015 by John Thorndike

Just before every match, right after the ref blows the whistle for the first serve, I yell, quite as loudly as I can, WE LOVE YOU, BOBCATS!

Occasionally I wonder if I’m disrupting the team’s concentration. But I do it in honor of the great Jim Post, father of the great Katie Post. It’s what Jim yelled, always, just before the first serve of a match. After Katie graduated—she was a legendary middle blocker—I tried to get some other parent to take up the tradition. No one, however, was willing to be as rowdy as Jim Post. Things get done, I know, when someone says, I’ll do it.” So I said I’d do it, and I’ve done it ever since.

I could see that Jim sometimes embarrassed his daughter. Well of course, because no one can embarrass a daughter like her father—if it isn’t her mother. How I embarrassed my own son with my clueless enthusiasm and ignorance about how to behave around his friends. Parents are so out of it. On this score, I find, it’s easier to be a grandparent, because when it comes to saavy behavior, so much less is expected of you.

Jim Post, you were one fabulously rowdy Bobcat fan, and I keep alive your days with the team. I’ll be yelling in your honor this Saturday night, as we play our first match in the MAC Championships.

Hard Defeat at Miami—After A Hard Defeat at Northern

November 2nd, 2015 by John Thorndike

Abby Katie Jaime

Two hard weekends, being swept by Northern Illinois, then swept by Miami. We’ve gotten used to winning, and I’m sure we’ll win again—but it didn’t feel like that as MatchPointOhio drove away from the Miami arena on Friday night: it felt like we couldn’t do anything right.

As often happens, the video clips show more of the truth. Plenty of good play and good kills, just not nearly as many as for Miami. Most telling, perhaps: we had a total of 3 Team Blocks, and they had 15.

Then a big surprise the next night at Miami. After losing to bottom-ranked Bowling Green on Friday night, Kent state came in Saturday and swept Miami. (Kent State also defeated Northern, a week before.)

It’s a topsy-turvy league right now, and this Thursday’s upcoming match against Kent State could be a dramatic one. We beat Kent State earlier this year, but they have prevailed over both teams that swept us. Motivation, anyone? See you in the Convo, and here’s the video of the Miami match:

Mal Salis and Ali Lake Rip Toledo and Ball State

October 24th, 2015 by John Thorndike

I write this moments after one of the most glorious comebacks in OU volleyball history. We were in the midst of Set 4 against Western Michigan. They had, earlier in the game, taken nine points in a row, and at our ebb they were ahead 17-8. We did have them 2-1 in sets. We came all the way back, took five of the last six points, and won both set and match. Incredible, really—and the team must have loved beating Western, especially in that way.

Hey Scott Gilleland: thanks for your video streaming of the match. The audio by Jake Hromada is great, but MatchPointOhio also likes to see the action.

Here’s the video from last weekend’s matches against Ball State and Toledo. (Remember them? Well, we should. No match is a given in the MAC.)

After The Climactic Xavier Match

October 7th, 2015 by John Thorndike

As explained briefly in the video below, everything came to a stop after the team dropped the first two sets to Xavier, back in early September. We had a packed house in the Convo, and many were the faithless who abandoned us over the break before Set 3. Foolish of them, as it turned out. But Cricket and I felt pounded ourselves: we came back to our seats, put our cameras away and agreed, without a word, to cheer instead of continuing with video clips and stills.

We cheered loudly enough, in the row of seats just behind the scorekeepers, so that the next evening there were signs on those seats reserving them for “Officials”. Fair enough, we thought.

We beat Xavier, of course, surging back in the most glorious fashion and taking the next three sets. But one result was that I missed capturing save after amazing save by Meredith Ashy—on a night in which she recorded 43 digs, an amazing school record. I remember how many times she kept us in the game, but by now I can’t recall the details of a single pass or dig. Video, I suppose, is a crutch for memory. But I determined that night, in the glow of victory, to make a video focused entirely on Mer, and here it is. She’s an anchor for the team, and her unequalled play in the backcourt steadily feeds the front line, whose kills and blocks often get the easy attention. Mer feeds Abby, and Abby feeds the hitters. Three touches, and they start in the back row.

Finally, The Louisville Match Video

September 30th, 2015 by John Thorndike

Did I mention my grandchildren? of course I did. They are the culprits—the prime reason this video didn’t get uploaded for two and a half weeks. But here it is, with plenty of good clips of the match against Louisville.

Here’s a question for my savvy readers: why was it that the Bowling Green match last Friday in the Convo was streamed live, but there was no such coverage for the Miami match on Saturday night?

Luckily, Abby’s father, Scott, streamed the Miami match off his Ipad, and I got to watch most of it in Denver. Of course I had to do what is strictly forbidden to my grandchildren: bring my laptop close to the table, set it on the floor and watch it more or less surreptitiously. Not a very responsible or family-like behavior on my part—but essential for the true fan.

Vs Seton Hall and Utah at the Louisville Tournament

September 24th, 2015 by John Thorndike

Here’s the first of two videos (the second will follow if I survive the beautiful rampages of my Denver grandchildren) from the Louisville tournament. Let’s see, the Seton Hall match was played 13 days ago, and I’m getting the video up today. Busy as a worker bee.

We swept both matches, which was fun. There was, however, that streak of eight points that Seton Hall ripped on us in the second set. Let’s face it, there are always points in which the Bobcats get crunched. Sets don’t finish 25-2, or 25-3, the way I often make them appear in these videos. How much more fair I’ve been in this one.

Of course, what we like to see is a perfect pass from Mer, an artful set by Abby, a smart kill from Jaime, a crushing block by Shelby—to name just a few of the players. So that’s mainly what we get.

A slightly more sobering video will follow, of the Louisville match.

Bobcat Invitational Tournament

September 10th, 2015 by John Thorndike

The video is up, showing many glorious plays—almost all ours, naturally.

Tomorrow, MatchPointOhio heads for Louisville, for matches against Seton Hall, Utah and Louisville, all powerhouses.