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MatchPointOhio celebrates the Ohio University women's volleyball team. Over the past decade, the Bobcats have been one of the most successful and competitive teams in the nation. Some of the accolades that the team has earned include: - Six MAC regular-season titles - Seven MAC Tournament titles - Eight consecutive trips to the NCAA Championship, tied for the MAC record. - 29-10 (.744) postseason record, including MAC and NCAA Tournaments - NCAA Regional Semifinalist in 2005, qualified for Second Round four times.

MatchPointOhio is run by two Bobcat fans, John Thorndike and Cricket Jones.


The MPO Blog

Middle Hitter & Middle Blocker Tactics Vol. 2

December 10th, 2015 by John Thorndike

It’s getting to be a ritual. At the end of the season I go back over clips from several matches and find examples of Coach Webb’s advice to Shelby Walker near the end of our match against Northern Illinois at the MAC Championships: “You run, you scream your head off, you make their middle park on you, then we score at both ends.”

Park on you? Something like that; you’ll hear it again in this video.d He means: You make their middle go up to block you. Maybe you get the set, maybe it goes out to Jaime or Mal or Ali on the outside, but either way we score.

It’s a Rubik’s cube, it’s a chess game that’s going on all the time at the net. During the match, it all flashes by so fast I barely see it. Here we slow things down to a meditative state, so we can follow exactly what happened.

This is it: the last video of 2015. Wish I could have gone to Provo to record the BYU match. Not that the NCAA lets people with camcorders roam around the gym, as I get to do at other matches. But as Ali’s mother said, “It was a thing of beauty to watch the girls scare the tar out of BYU!”

See you in 2016.

BYU 3, Ohio 1

December 5th, 2015 by John Thorndike

Mal hits at BYU

MatchpointOhio watched the match in a noisy bar, so we couldn’t hear the commentary. But BYUtv had great visual coverage, rivaling any network production, and we had a clear view of a very competitive match.

Extremely competitive. The stats, indeed, would almost give the match to us. We hit a stunning .571 in the opening set, to BYU’s .212. When have we ever, against even a team we crushed, hit at such a rate? And the statistic is a reflection of the first set, which was a thing of beauty. A flat-out defeat of a top-seeded team, earned the time-honored way: great passing, great setting, lots of killing and some crushing blocks. We played at our highest level, and BYU couldn’t handle it.

They took the next three sets, but two of them were two-point sets that might easily have gone the other way. (That’s how you talk when you ache, when you’d like to have another chance at a few of those points.)

Everyone has pointed it out already: we had 12 service errors, and no aces. BYU, in contrast, had only a single service error for the entire match, and six aces. This is one reason why we could outhit them for the match (.306 to .250), outblock them (14 total blocks to 10), make more assists, more kills and more digs—and still they won.

No one ran away with anything. There was lots of beautiful play on our part, Mer returned some unbelievable balls, Abby assassinated at a .500 percentage, Mal logged 21 kills (the same number as BYU’s star hitter, Alexa Gray), Jaime had 15, and it was 8, 7 and 4 for Karin, Ali and Shelby.

I hate to see the team lose. I always hate it. But I was soothed the whole way home, and late last night and early this morning, but how well they played. In the words of the great Jim Post, father of the great Katie Post, WE LOVE YOU BOBCATS!

Watch Party at Broney’s

December 4th, 2015 by John Thorndike

We’ll have a party tonight at Broney’s at nine (or come earlier, have a beer, have some dinner) to watch the match against BYU.

Cricket has got it all set up with the staff at Broney’s, and they’re going to devote a space within the bar, with some big-screen TVs.


vs. Kent State at the Championships

November 29th, 2015 by John Thorndike

Here’s the other, earlier match from the MAC Championships, against Kent State, that paved our way to the finals.

We’re Headed to the NCAA

November 27th, 2015 by John Thorndike

What a weekend it was. After a rough patch, the coaching staff had made some changes in the lineup. Shelby came back to her home position of middle blocker and hitter, and Mal Salis, who has hit so well from the backcourt all season, now plays opposite Jaime Kosiorek at outside hitter. Brooke Coleman is in, playing steadily on defense, and the team has locked onto a great rhythm.

The passing was fabulous. Kent State couldn’t match it, nor could Northern Illinois: you could see their setters flying all over the court. We were clearly in a new and better groove against Kent State, and when Sunday’s finals came around, we essentially dominated Northern for all three sets.

Mal Salis! What can you say? Just look at her kills on the video below. She had 19 kills and hit .500 against Northern, tying the MAC record for the year for kills in a three-set match. I remember from her freshman year, when one of the assistant coaches said, “She’s the most athletic player on the team.” It’s pouring out now, and it’s a thrill to watch.

Here’s the link:

We Love You, Bobcats!

November 18th, 2015 by John Thorndike

Just before every match, right after the ref blows the whistle for the first serve, I yell, quite as loudly as I can, WE LOVE YOU, BOBCATS!

Occasionally I wonder if I’m disrupting the team’s concentration. But I do it in honor of the great Jim Post, father of the great Katie Post. It’s what Jim yelled, always, just before the first serve of a match. After Katie graduated—she was a legendary middle blocker—I tried to get some other parent to take up the tradition. No one, however, was willing to be as rowdy as Jim Post. Things get done, I know, when someone says, I’ll do it.” So I said I’d do it, and I’ve done it ever since.

I could see that Jim sometimes embarrassed his daughter. Well of course, because no one can embarrass a daughter like her father—if it isn’t her mother. How I embarrassed my own son with my clueless enthusiasm and ignorance about how to behave around his friends. Parents are so out of it. On this score, I find, it’s easier to be a grandparent, because when it comes to saavy behavior, so much less is expected of you.

Jim Post, you were one fabulously rowdy Bobcat fan, and I keep alive your days with the team. I’ll be yelling in your honor this Saturday night, as we play our first match in the MAC Championships.

Hard Defeat at Miami—After A Hard Defeat at Northern

November 2nd, 2015 by John Thorndike

Abby Katie Jaime

Two hard weekends, being swept by Northern Illinois, then swept by Miami. We’ve gotten used to winning, and I’m sure we’ll win again—but it didn’t feel like that as MatchPointOhio drove away from the Miami arena on Friday night: it felt like we couldn’t do anything right.

As often happens, the video clips show more of the truth. Plenty of good play and good kills, just not nearly as many as for Miami. Most telling, perhaps: we had a total of 3 Team Blocks, and they had 15.

Then a big surprise the next night at Miami. After losing to bottom-ranked Bowling Green on Friday night, Kent state came in Saturday and swept Miami. (Kent State also defeated Northern, a week before.)

It’s a topsy-turvy league right now, and this Thursday’s upcoming match against Kent State could be a dramatic one. We beat Kent State earlier this year, but they have prevailed over both teams that swept us. Motivation, anyone? See you in the Convo, and here’s the video of the Miami match: