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It Was The Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times

No, wait! There was no worst! It was all fabulous, it was all the best of times. What a tournament up at the MAC Championships, culminating in this moment:

matchpoint championships

With that, we bid a fond farewell to the Spire Institute, with its walls of draped plastic, with its helpful crew (almost always), farewell to Geneva with its gray skies, its Best Friend’s Restaurant (under new management), with Ted the OU graduate and his 40-room house full of collectibles. Will we ever go back? The Spire arrangement has yielded to a much more reasonable (it seems to us) decision to host the Championships at the site of the team that wins the regular season. So as much as we’ll miss the Spire, they’ll have to make do without us next year, as we’ll be rockin’ in the Convo.

Slow in the making, here, finally, is the video of the final match. That’s all I could handle before Thanksgiving—and it may be 2014 before I present a video from the two previous matches. But I will: too much glory in the 200 clips I have not to distill them and put them up on YouTube.

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    Great job, you are too much!

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