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Our Battle With Michigan State

We lost, you already know that. But our single match in the 2013 NCAA tournament was a good one, against a great team. They edged us. We fought the whole way and played some beautiful ball.

Just getting to Lexington on Friday for the scheduled match was a trial. The team made it, most parents made it, the band made it. Cricket and I got within twenty miles of Lexington before we heard that the University of Kentucky had closed (three and a half inches of snow, how terrifying), and the match postponed until Saturday. Cricket had an arts and crafts show to attend to in Columbus. I returned to Lexington on Saturday, and here’s the video, one of my favorites of the year.

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  1. paul cadamagnani says:


    Once again another wonderful representation of how well this team plays and you make the players look so athletic and graceful. Thank you.

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