Volleyball at Ohio University

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John Thorndike:   A certified volleyball fanatic, I played with the OU club team from 1975-1980. Later I played and reffed in both Colorado and New Mexico, and twice competed at the U.S. Nationals with The Dinosaurs, a team of Ancients. Now that my right shoulder has given out, I'm hitting leftie, a truly humbling experience. But I still play: can't live without it. Each August my Athens County farm hosts the Trotsky Memorial, a volleyball tournament now in its 38th year.


Cricket Cricket Jones:   Between a game of pepper or while talking about coaching strategies, I don't care if you call me an aficionado or a volleyball nut.. The bug got started when I played on the Ohio University Club Volleyball Teams of the mid-1970's. After Midwest collegiate ball I coached high school prep volleyball in the Athens, Ohio area, and Athens is where I still play today--but not when its time to be courtside cheering on Ohio's best volleyball program.



You can contact us here:

JT at jjthorndike@gmail.com

CJ at cricketclick@gmail.com

Or we'll both get the email at mail@matchpointohio.com